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National Spring Clean!

This week we were thrilled to be able to have our Senior Infants and First Class girls take part in the National Spring Clean. As you may already be aware, the National Spring Clean is a country-wide initiative that aims to promote personal responsibility for litter and heighten awareness of litter and waste issues. For our part, we targeted two local areas for our clean up: the laneway by the school and the Seafront at the bottom of Vernon Avenue. The National Spring Clean and Dublin City Council very kindly provided us with hi-viz jackets, gloves and litter-pickers to aid us in our task. We also had several parents kindly offer to assist in the clean-up: Katherine Molloy, Louise Kavanagh, Anita Murray and Lisa Ryan. Thank you so much for your support!

Our girls were delighted to take part and in doing so, got hands on experience in the Strand Unit Caring for my Locality (Geography and Science Curriculum). We were so proud of the girls and the effort they put in!

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