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A Brief History of St. John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School

The earliest records available tell us that Clontarf Girls and Boys National Schools operated from a building in Vernon Ave from 1901 to 1940 when all pupils transferred to Belgrove House on Seafield Rd. West. This house called St. John's house served as both school and parish hall, presently accommodates Clontarf GAA and creche.

The title of the schools then officially changed to St. John the Baptist National Schools. This name never really became popular and the schools have been affectionately known as Belgrove schools ever since.

By 1956 Belgrove was catering for 700 boys and 600 girls! Belgrove House could no longer cope with such huge numbers as teachers were holding classes in corridors, sharing rooms, in makeshift huts all over the grounds.

In January 1964, both schools divided into two, making a total of four schools with four principal teachers. The girls remained in Belgrove house until the new schools opened in 1971. It was with great pride that the transition was made from the old schools to the new and Mrs. McCarthy was appointed Principal of the nine-teacher Infant Girls' School. Mrs. Hughes was in charge from 1974 and implemented the introduction of the New Curriculum. Mrs. McHugh was appointed Principal in 1978.

Mrs. Mary Kenny was appointed Principal in 1999.

Mrs. Patricia O’Donoghue became principal in 2007 .

Mrs. Dearbhla O'Driscoll was appointed principal in January 2018.





Vision/Mission Statement of St John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School


St John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School is a Catholic Infant Girls’ School under the patronage of the Archbishop of Dublin and operating under the guidelines and rules of the Department of Education and Skills.  While St John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School has a Catholic ethos, it also has due recognition for all other religions and will uphold gender equity amongst the teachers, staff and pupils.  We wish our school to be a place where the focus remains on developing the moral, spiritual, academic, social, physical, aesthetic and cultural aspects of all our children appropriate to their young age, abilities and aptitudes within a caring, secure and happy environment.


This we envisage occurring in a lovely warm, positive atmosphere where young children are encouraged to grow, develop and achieve their full potential based on courtesy, consideration and mutual respect.  We envisage that all members of the school community would feel happy and secure in a spirit of encouragement and enthusiasm while recognising and celebrating diversity.  We envisage that each child who leaves our school will do so with a positive self-image and the confidence born of knowing right from wrong.


School Motto


Our school motto is “Is deas a bheith óg” (“It’s nice to be young”) which celebrates the awe, wonder and innocence of children of such a tender young age and captures the joy and imagination of our infant pupils.


Aims as a School Community


Pupils – we envisage pupils who:


  • Feel safe, accepted, happy and are proud to be pupils of St John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School.

  • Feel understood and secure in the knowledge that they are recognised as talented individuals.

  • Develop self-esteem, initiative and self-identity.

  • Understand values – moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural.

  • Develop a spirit of co-operation, tolerance and mutual understanding between individuals and groups both within our school and in the community.

  • Respect others and develop a global awareness and a sense of responsibility for themselves and the long-term care of the environment.

  • Achieve high standards of academic achievement consistent with the requirements of the new curriculum.

  • Develop skills and attitudes, self-reliance and a spirit of enquiry.

  • Participate in structured physical activity and become aware of its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Appreciate, participate in and enjoy music, dance, art and dramatic activities.



Our Staff

We envisage a professional, caring staff that is:


  • Committed to supporting our young pupils and all who are engaged in their learning and care.

  • Co-operative, approachable, kind and diligent.

  • Supported in their efforts to provide the best possible opportunities for their pupils.

  • Open to professional and personal development and new and innovative approaches through staff development programmes.

  • Valued and respected.



Our Parent Body

We envisage parents who are:


  • Supportive of our school.

  • Committed to and interested in their children’s learning.

  • Expect high standards in terms of respect and achievement from the school community.

  • Consulted and involved in policy and decision-making.

  • Co-operative and taking active part in our Parents’ Association.



Our Board of Management

We envisage a Board of Management that is:


  • Supportive and well informed of the work of the school.

  • Innovative, open and caring.

  • Appreciative of the needs of staff and partners and who actively encourage personal and professional development.

  • Aware of the resources required by staff in order to ensure effective teaching and learning.


We envisage that the whole school community, by mutual co-operation, play complementary roles in the best interests of the education of the children in St John the Baptist Infant Girls’ School.

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Mission Statement